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Best Beer Experience

Knowledge. Atmosphere. Great beer.
The latest craze to take over the province, if you don’t count the many years put in by the crazed brewers who thought they could make a difference and have. So many places do it right and we’d like you to choose you favourite experience. Be it a saison on a patio, or a pilsner at your neighbourhood haunt, this is all about the delivery of a great beer. Pubs, breweries and tasting lounges are all welcome.

Best Cocktail Experience

Knowledge. Atmosphere. Great cocktail.
Whether out for a simple tipple, or a well crafted cocktail, that is so much more than the sum of its parts, what is your first choice for a cocktail that makes you swoon. Lounges, bars, hotels are all welcome.

Best Food Experience

Deliciousness. Cleanliness. Atmosphere.
We’re looking for your best food EXPERIENCE. Price doesn’t matter, food cart to white tablecloth, but the passion most certainly does.

Best Late Night Experience

Open late (until midnight at least). Comfort. Atmosphere. Good times.
Clubs aren’t the only late night hangout anymore, what’s your spot that keeps you out instead of succumbing to “Netflix and chill”.

Best Service Experience

Cleanliness. Professionalism. Good times.
Whether it’s a single operator stand or a team that looks left and delivers the pass with service that makes you feel like Norm from Cheers, “Where everyone is your friend”.

Best Live Music Venue*

Focus on Live Music. Good times. Atmosphere.
It may be a legendary spot, or it may be located down an alleyway. What was your favourite live music venue this past year and made that live performance just that much better….

DJ Event of the Year

Performed in Vancouver. DJ. Mind-blown.
That DJ that you’ve wanted to see for the past year, finally saw, and they delivered way beyond what you thought they would. This includes GVRD festivals and nightclub performances.

Manager of the Year

Currently employed. Professionalism. Friendly Face.
Those who bring a little extra magic into your life and encourage you to part with a few more extra dollars then you intended. Managers can be from restaurants, lounges, tasting lounges, pubs and nightclubs.

Nightclub of the Year

Located in Vancouver. Quality. Open for more than a year.
The nightclub that never lets you down and consistently brings in the greatest acts from around the world, or simply the GVRD.

Social Event of the Year

Fun. Social. Cultural.
A great gathering of people that isn’t based around an entertainer, but around the straightforward assembly of a great group of people.

Hospitality Group of the Year

Service. Professionalism. Surprise.
What hospitality group delivered surprises that kept you wondering what was next, consistency that kept you coming back, and delivered it all without the overbearing of a giant corporate entity. This includes restaurant, pub and nightclub hospitality groups.

Best Atmosphere

Design. Crowd. Details.
Well designed venues are cropping up everywhere, but we’re looking for something a bit more. When everything, and we mean everything, from the design, to the crowd, to the little details that make you simply go “Ahhhhhhhhh”. Includes restaurants, lounges, pubs, brewery tasting lounges.

Best Bartending Personality

Currently employed at a location in Vancouver. Professionalism. Fun.
That smile on their face and your drink magically appearing before you’ve uttered a word, we’re looking for THAT person who is always on and isn’t overt to being a little fussy once in awhile.

Best Hotel Lounge

Must be attached to a Hotel or inside a Hotel. Quality. Professionalism.
Hotels always bring a crowd, from the suave international set, to the hipster local. What hotel lounge brings together the world and provides cocktails, nibbles and entertainment that can’t be found on any other street corner.

Breakout DJ of the Year*

Lives in Vancouver. Enroute to stardom.
He/she has had their “moment” as a DJ and risen to new ranks in Vancouver’s DJ scene or the global scene. Be it fan support or record sales, nothing will hold them back now.

Best New Destination*

Opened in the past year. Still Open. Crowd.
What do you consider the best new destination that has opened in the past year? Includes restaurants, brewery tasting lounges, hotel lounges and nightclubs.

Best Subculture Venue

Independent. Culture. Talent.
Fiercely independent and always pushing the edge of what might be popular in Berlin, but hasn’t crossed the shores yet and sometimes feels like they’ve just stepped over the boundary, until you realize the following year that they actually knew what they were doing. A focus on music and culture.

*New for 2017